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You can probably clearly see how a Powerhug project is an ethical project. Renewable energy projects such as ours make a significant contribution to our mission to protect People, Planet and Power just through their routine operation. Many of our projects also have an opportunity for local communities to further benefit from renewable energy generation.

We place some of our approved rooftop generation opportunities into not for profit entities like Community Interest Companies or Community Benefits Societies. These entities are set up with the object of diverting surplus cash into good local causes.

Currently, we are supporting local charities who are helping local people in fuel poverty live in more efficient houses. The great news for you is that you can invest your money into these great social projects at rates that often surpass commercial, non-ethical savings rates. Powerhug does not run your investments but works with the appropriate regulated investment partners. Your invested cash can Protect People, Planet and Power and make you money at the same time. What is not to like? Powerhug does not handle your investment. We work with properly formed and regulated investment brokers to make and handle investment offers.

For general further information or to register your interest in ethical investments please contact us using the contact form here: Contact Us