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Powerhug and The Green Home Grant Scheme

The government unveiled plans to provide homes, landlords and tradespeople with grants to encourage a more eco-friendly, energy-saving solution. From lost and attic insulation to solar panel roof installation, Green Home Grants & Green Deals can cover up to £10,000 in fees for a brighter, greener future.

What is the Green Home Grant Scheme?

The Green Home Grant Scheme is a UK government initiative that focuses on providing sustainable, renewable energy to thousands of houses and businesses across the UK. Through the Green Home Grant Scheme, the UK hopes to reach as many as 26 million homes as well as almost 5 million businesses and supply them with cost-effective, energy-efficient products. With PowerHug, this is in the form of solar PV panel systems. 

It’s easy to apply

Those who want to benefit from the vouchers must complete an online application on Gov’s website (link below). Once completed and upon acceptance, you can return to PowerHug and speak to our team regarding what solar panel systems we can install on your property. 

You will need to specify how the vouchers will help you carry-out energy saving in your home (this is something we can help with).

Applications for the vouchers are set to open at the end of September 2020, but this may be delayed due to COVID-19. Ensure that you book to have your new energy-efficient products completed by March 31st 2021.

The benefits

Homeowners and landlords who apply for the Green Home Grant Scheme may be able to save up to £600 a year on energy bills. Vouchers are used to claim at least one primary home insulation or low carbon heating measure. Your voucher can also be used to fund a “secondary measure”, for example, if you receive £500 for a primary measure (listed below) you should be able to claim up to £500 for a secondary measure. You will not be able to claim any more than your first primary measure. 

Understanding primary and secondary measures 

Below is the list of primary measures, followed by secondary measures:


Low carbon heat (where the home is suitably insulated):

Secondary measures are what you can claim alongside your primary measure (but must be equal to, or less than what you paid for your primary measure):

Windows and doors:

Draught proofing

Heating controls and insulation:

The main benefit of the Green Home Grant Scheme is to help UK homes and businesses to encourage and promote a competitive, continuous market for energy efficiency. 

Get involved in the Green Home Grant Scheme today

A number of businesses and tradespeople are involved in the Green Home Grant Scheme, providing both supply and installation services. The products and offers you receive depend on which company you choose to go with. PowerHug offers the supply and installation of solar PV panels to cut costs on your energy bill, a service which is available to both commercial and residential properties.  

Make the switch to energy-efficient living today by contacting our team