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Our top 10 list of the advantages of solar energy

More and more homeowners in the UK are making the switch to solar energy for the plethora of benefits that come with it. From significant cost savings on your heating and electricity bills to their low maintenance and pollution-free properties. 

Solar energy is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and take a step int her right direction towards a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 advantages of solar energy.

1. Solar power is pollution-free

Solar energy

Solar energy systems do not produce any type of pollution, which includes water, air, or greenhouse gas pollution. It remains one of the cleanest sources of renewable energy and it avoids any carbon dioxide emissions. 

2. Solar energy reduces the dependence on depleting fossil fuels

As our fossil fuels continue to deplete, solar energy provides an affordable and sustainable solution. 

3. It’s diversity

Solar energy can be used for both generating heats, known as solar thermal energy, as well as electricity, known as photovoltaics. Unlike traditional generators found in power plants, solar energy is able to power areas that do not have access to the energy grid, as well as powering satellites in space. 

4. It doesn’t require full exposure to the sun to produce power

Advantages of solar energy

A common misconception is that solar energy requires clear, bright skies to harvest energy from the sun. While it’s true that solar does rely on sunlight, it can still operate well under poor weather conditions, providing the panels have absorbed and stored enough energy from previous days. 

5. Solar power technology is constantly advancing

And with this comes a few key benefits. As technology in the solar power industry continues to develop, their effectiveness and efficiency will increase, and with that comes faster installation times and more affordable solar panels.

6. Solar power is cost-effective

The more you use solar power around your property, the more positive your ROI will be. This is because your solar panels will alleviate some of the cost of your electricity bills from the energy they have harvested. However, the amount of money you will save does depend on three core factors:

  • How much your solar PV system costs
  • How much electricity you are able to generate and use
  • The price in which you’ve paid for the electricity you generate 

In some cases, you may be able to receive payment for any extra energy you generate. Gov is able to provide more information on this. Essentially, the more electricity you’re able to use, the better your ROI. 

7. Solar panels do not require heavy maintenance 

Once your solar panels are installed, they don’t require much care or maintenance. Aside from the occasional clean a few times a year, solar panels will continue to perform well without any intervention. You do not have to worry about replacing parts or any physical damage from wear and tear. In the event that your solar panels are not functioning properly, you simply contact your installation company and they will assess the problem. It may be a case that your inverter or cables need replacing to ensure your panels are running at maximum efficiency. 

Essentially, if wiring, cables or your inverter does need replacing, it is largely inexpensive and won’t make a dent on your ROI.

8. Charging electric cars

Much like how solar power is able to power our homes and technology, it’s also able to power our vehicles. More emphasis is being placed on electric-powered cars due to our reliance on fossil fuels (which are rapidly depleting). Now, there are more electric car charging points than petrol stations, a clear indication that car manufacturers believe electric cars are increasing in demand. If your house is equipped with solar panels, you can charge your electric car using them.

9. Improved aesthetics (for solar panels)

Some people believed that early solar panel designs were too bulky and didn’t like how they looked on their roofs. However, thanks to advancements in technology, solar panels now come in a wide range of designs suited to homes in the UK. some panels can now be made to fit in with your property’s existing roof tiles, allowing them to blend in. 

10. Independence over your energy bills and usage

One of the main advantages of solar energy is that it allows home and business owners control of their own energy. This is because solar panels are not tied to the national energy grid, allowing you to control how much energy you generate and how much energy you sell (if you want to sell it). 

Are you considering solar panel installation?

If you’re looking to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and even make a profit from our solar panels, our team at Powerhug are here to help. You can even opt to lease us your roof and make money from your energy consumption. To find out more about how we can help your business while benefiting the environment, get in touch with our team today.

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