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Installation and Management of Solar PV in West Sussex

At Powerhug, we believe in doing everything we can to help change the power generation and supply system in the UK. This involves providing a safe, clean alternative that will never run out or reach full capacity across the country, and can easily be applied to homes and businesses alike with the installation of solar PV in West Sussex.

No matter where you are in the county, whether you’re based in Bognor Regis, Crawley or Shoreham-by-Sea, contact us today if you are looking to make the switch to a greener form of energy. Our team will be delighted to help with anything you need, and can even set up an expert installation as soon as possible if this is what you would prefer.

Our services as solar panel installers in West Sussex

We take pride in our work as fully certificated and licensed solar panel installers, committing ourselves to this work and to the work we do for your solar management. For the clients who come to us looking for cleaner energy in West Sussex, we are happy to offer these main services:

Solar Panel Services:

  • Leasing roof spaces in order to install and operate solar panels
  • The full installation and total management of equipment for renewable energy
  • Paying rent to clients whose roof spaces we utilise
  • Supplying clean energy to clients whose roof spaces we utilise
  • Consultations on any solar project, or full management if preferred

Our company ethos is based around the principle of “Protect People, Planet and Power”, and everything we do aligns with this. To find out more about our company and our principles, please see our About page.

The benefits of solar PV in West Sussex

Solar PV has been the most popular choice for renewable energy technology in the UK for a decade now, especially in West Sussex, but we are constantly convincing more clients to join us by explaining the benefits that they will find when choosing to have panels fitted:

  • Providing yourself with a greener property that offers a renewable energy source
  • Saving yourself money on your energy bills every year
  • Nearly ruling out maintenance costs, as panels require little to no day-to-day care
  • Adding value to your property, as solar panels are often attractive from a financial point of view
  • Earning money by selling unused energy back to the National Grid
  • Earning even more money the further south your property is (e.g. property in Worthing is more likely to earn a larger amount than a property in Blackpool, owing to the increased amount of sunlight)

Making money from your solar panel installation

It used to be possible to get free solar panels in Britain under a government policy known as the Green Deal Agreement, which ran from 2013-2019. Under this agreement, solar power companies and contractors would cover the costs of all PV installations and maintenance. In return, they would get to keep the Feed-in-Tariff paid out for all the energy that was produced and then exported. As of the end of 2019, the scheme is now closed, but it has instead been replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Coming into force in January 2020, this new agreement is basically an upgraded version of the Feed-in-Tariff. It allows property owners to send excess electricity that has been generated over the course of a day back to the National Grid in exchange for money. This happens every day that the sun shines strongly enough to counter the amount of electricity the property uses.

As such, you will find it’s perfectly possible to earn at least a little bit of money every day from having a solar thermal system fitted for your property.

How much does it cost to install solar panels in West Sussex?

How much it will cost to install solar panels on your property in West Sussex will depend on a number of different factors. These start with the type and size of system that you intend to use, and run through to the materials that will be used in the panels and how many panels your space needs. 

This number, in turn, will be decided by your levels of energy consumption, the size of your roof and, in most cases, the budget that you have set aside for an installation. Because the factors vary so greatly, we can’t declare a fully set price for the cost of an installation, and would instead recommend that you contact us for more information.

Leasing your West Sussex roof to us for solar panel installations

You may be surprised to discover that you could be making money in West Sussex simply by utilising your roof in the correct way. Not many homeowners take this opportunity, either because they lack the funds, knowledge or capacity to do it. Sometimes, it may be all three at work at the same time, keeping them from having the clean energy source and extra money that they might have otherwise. 

This is where our team is more than ready to step in and help. As part of our longstanding commitment to providing clean energy, we are always ready to lease roofs in West Sussex and use them to set up solar panel systems. We will carry out all the installation work and supply the panels ourselves, before paying you rent or offering low-cost energy in return for using your space. This will cost you nothing and barely impact at all on your day-to-day life, as we’ll be the ones owning and operating the equipment. Just imagine earning a little extra in exchange for providing a place for cleaner energy ‒ it’s almost like being rewarded for helping to save the planet!

Bring renewable energy to your property with solar PV in West Sussex

If you are based on the South Coast and have been searching for a team of friendly, specialist PV and solar panel installers to help make your carbon footprint shrink, then you have found the firm for you. Here at Powerhug, we love what we do and we are always ready to help new clients change their energy usage for the better.

You may even happily take advantage of the money you’ll be saving on your energy bills as well, so get in touch with our team when you are ready to arrange a date for an installation. We’ll also be glad to answer any questions, and to talk more about the work that we do if there is anything you need to know first.