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PowerHug Installs Solar Panels in East Sussex

PowerHug provides customers across East Sussex with comprehensive solar panel installation (including PV systems) to help save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Our team takes care of every aspect of your solar panel installation process for a stress and hassle-free experience. From helping you decide what panels will offer you the best ROI, to fast installation and management of your panels to ensure they’re always operating at optimum efficiency.

With PowerHug, not only will you be saving money by installing solar panels that provide renewable energy, but your choice has a hugely beneficial impact on the environment. After installation is complete, you can rest assured knowing that your home in Sussex is powered by renewable, sustainable and profitable energy.

Maximise your environmental and social impact through solar panel energy with PowerHug.

Why East Sussex residents are turning to solar panel installation

There are a number of reasons why East Sussex customers are making the switch to solar energy and solar panel installation, a few of the core benefits have been listed below:

Solar Panel Services:

  • PowerHug provides, swift, safe and affordable solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties in East Sussex
  • All solar panel systems installed by PowerHug require little to no maintenance
  • We are always on-hand to provide advice and support should you need it 
  • We’re MCS accredited

How our solar panels work to save you money

The process couldn’t be easier, because everything is managed by our team of solar panel installers, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

  1. Heat and sunlight beam down onto the PV panels, which is then absorbed and converted into clean energy.
  2. This clean energy is then sent to your inverter, which converts the energy so that it can be used to power your property (the power generated from the inverter is then sent to your property’s fuse box).
  3. In the case there your solar panels are producing more energy than your property requires, this surplus energy is exported to the national grid. This is where you may be able to claim money back from the government.

For more information on this, contact our team.


Why are East Sussex residents choosing PowerHug?

We take great care to ensure the design and installation of your solar thermal energy systems are carried out safely and professionally, maximising your ROI and minimising your carbon footprint.

Everything is taken care of once you contact our solar panel installers, and our installation process is designed to be minimally invasive to ensure that you experience little to no disruption, whether we’re working on a commercial or residential property in East Sussex. 

Our team at PowerHug has approved installers of solar thermal panels for homeowners that are eligible for a government payment via the Green Homes Grant Scheme (GHGS).

Are you a Green Homes Grant Scheme customer?

PowerHug works to provide customers under the GHGS with fast, stress-free solar panel and solar thermal (hot water heating) panel installations. This service is available for customers based in East Sussex, as well as London and Kent. To learn more about how you can save money on your energy bills through this scheme, get in touch with our team today.

Start using renewable energy and save money with PowerHug

Making the switch to solar energy has never been easier and more affordable. With over 15 years’ experience in the solar technology industry and overseeing large scale projects across the UK and East Sussex, you can trust that every aspect of our process is handled swiftly and professionally.

How much your solar panel installation will cost depends on a few factors that we will discuss over the phone, but we’re sure to get you the best price and return on investment.