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Solar panel installers in Hertfordshire

PowerHug provides fast, effective and affordable solar PV panel installation across the whole of the South East. Our solar panel installers in Hertfordshire provide fast, cost-effective solar panel installation services that can save your home hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills. 

For more information on how we can save you money on your energy bills, contact our team today.

We don’t just install solar panels, we provide helpful advice on what panels to pick to ensure cost-effectiveness and how many you will need to obtain a strong ROI. If you have vouchers from a Green Deal or Green Home Grant Scheme, you can use these to pay for a portion of your solar energy panels in Hertfordshire. However, you do not require vouchers to purchase one of our energy-saving solar panels.

How our solar installation process works in Hertfordshire

  1. You contact our team about purchasing solar panel (PV) systems for your Hertfordshire home via phone or email.
  2. We talk you through our solar panel options to find out what you need and what suits your budget. 

We will also ask if you are eligible or already own Green Home Grants & Green Deals, as these will may cut your installation prices in half. For the full breakdown on these vouchers and how to save thousands on your energy bills, read our article on Green Home Grants.

  1. We visit your property and identify how many solar panels are required to efficiently power your property in-line with your budget and energy requirements.
  2. We install your solar panels and provide helpful advice on how to save money through your new energy-saving systems.

How solar systems save you money

Our mission is to enforce homeowners in Hertfordshire to make the switch to renewable energy, and with this comes two core benefits. The first is our solar panel systems in Hertfordshire minimise the carbon footprint of each household they’re installed in. Second, which is an attractive prospect to many customers, is the money saved through solar panel installation. You could save up to £600 in electric bills every year through solar panel power.

To understand the basic process, take a look below.

  1. Once installed, heat from the sun connects with your solar panels and transforms this heat into clean, renewable energy.
  1. The clean energy is transferred to your inverter which then transforms the energy into useable power for your home (the converted energy is sent your powerbox)
  1. Enjoy using clean, renewable energy in your home!

Bonus: it’s not uncommon for your solar panels to produce more power than your property needs. In this case, you can effectively sell your surplus power back to the national grid. For more information on this, you can speak to our team.

Are you a Green Homes Grant Scheme customer?

If you are eligible for a discount under the Green Home Grants Scheme, we can install your solar panel systems. We are MCS-accredited and work in partnership with the Green Home Grants Scheme to provide customers in Hertfordshire with affordable energy-saving solutions. 

All you need to do is tell us how much your Green Home Grant vouchers are worth and we will deduct them from the cost of your invoice. To learn more about this, please don’t hesitate to talk to our team, we can walk you through the process.

Start using renewable energy and save money with PowerHug

PowerHug makes switching to renewable clean energy fast, affordable and worthwhile. Through us, not only will you save money on your energy bills each year but you will be helping save the environment by limiting the use of electricity generated from fossil fuels.

If you are a Green Home Grants Scheme customer, you can use your vouchers with PowerHug to save up to £5,000 on your solar panels (and up to £10,000 if you classify as a ‘low-income household’). You can learn more about whether you fall into this category in our Understanding the Green Home Grant Scheme article.

With over 15 years’ experience supplying and installing solar panels in Hertfordshire, our team can have your solar panels installed in under one week.