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Powerhug is a fully certificated and licenced solar installation and solar management company.

It is widely understood that the current system of energy generation and supply creates a threat to our planet through climate change. What is less well known is that the power generation and supply system in the UK is approaching capacity. This situation threatens the security of our power supply at reasonable prices and this in turn affects the bottom line of our businesses and locks ordinary people into fuel poverty.



The charity, National Energy Action reports that in England 11.1% of households are in fuel poverty. They define fuel poverty using the ‘Low Income High Costs’ method which says that fuel poverty occurs where a household needs to spend more than 10% of its annual income of fuel costs. Solar power generated from existing rooftops can have a significant impact in controlling fuel prices. Our hometown, Hastings has the highest rates of fuel poverty in the South East of England. That is why Powerhugprotects people by supporting local charities that provide retrofit to the houses of the fuel poor to make them more efficient.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2018 report has made it absolutely clear what the consequences will be if we do not all take immediate action to halt climate change.
One of the actions recommended by the report is the reduction of carbon into the atmosphere using renewable energy technologies. Powerhug projects not only generate you money, they help protect the planet.


The National Grid predict a rise of demand by up to 8 GW by 2030 due to the rise in use of the electric vehicle. Unless this is coupled with a rise in local generation and consumption this will necessitate an upgrade to the National Grid itself to cope with this increased demand for power. This very expensive prospect will need to be paid for somehow. Using renewable energy technologies helps secure your power supply and controls the price that you pay for it. A Powerhug project helps protect your power.